Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Wizkids Announcements

Alliance Game Distributors just held one of their Retailer Summits following the recent New York Comic Con. Generally we get a fair bit of news after one of these events, and this one is no different.

Wizkids had several announcements at the show.

The next Marvel Heroclix set has been announced: Giant-sized X-Men! When a comic book of that name was released back in 1975 it altered the comic book landscape forever. What impact will a Heroclix set of the same name have? Time will tell, but this promises to be an excellent set. Also this set will introduce the Super Booster. Each brick will consist of 8 regular booster packs and 1 Super Booster! According to Wizkids:

There are 8 different Super Boosters (all of which are blind and have unique content). We moved to a new configuration b/c we wanted a way to deliver “extreme” content without the “extreme” price increase. We think we struck the right balance.

As an example of what's in a Super Booster, check out this image of the upcoming Apocalypse figure! This thing is AMAZING! Be sure to go to and click on Apocalypse and view this bad boy in all it's hi-res glory. Fantastic! The Fastball Special clix is pretty darn sweet as well.
Also announced: Street Fighter Heroclix! Now, I've long been a fan of the Street Fighter property (Jean Claude Van Damme not withstanding) so this holds some interest for me, if for no other reason than to collect the figures. I'm curious how it'll play, but it is said to be compatible with Heroclix.

Another couple games I'm really looking forward to: Star Trek: Expeditions (a Euro-styled co-operative game designed by master game designer Reiner Knizia) and the starship combat game Star Trek: Fleet Captains. As someone who's always wanted to get into Star Fleet Battles or Federation Commander, but has been somewhat put off by clunky rules or too-much emphasis on power allocation over blowing Klingons out of the stars...I am really stoked for Fleet Captains. I saw some of the prototype miniatures for this at Gen!

It is so good to have Wizkids back...and, in this gamer's opinion, better than ever!

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