Thursday, July 7, 2011

Writing a Game Off Too Soon

I'm a miniatures gamer at heart, and I know that sometimes that causes me to hold certain biases when it comes to new games (and even older games, I suppose). If I game doesn't feature miniatures of some kind it is much more difficult to grab and hold my interest.

Recently, Summoner Wars from Plaid Hat Games broke that cycle for me and got me to look at the card game. And, I'm glad I did!

So, awhile back one of my favorite companies, Wizkids, announced a product called Quarriors. It's essentially a deck building game (a la Dominion, Ascension, et al) but with dice. Here's how Wizkids describes the game on the official site:

A unique blend of strategy and chance featuring a revolutionary dice building game mechanic!

As a Quarrior - a mighty mystical warrior - only you have the power to capture dangerous quarry from the untamed wilds!

But your rivals plot against you! They will send their own Creatures and Spells to destroy your Quarry before you can deliver them to Empress Quiana and claim your reward! Summon your Creatures and protect them from your foes and you will earn Glory for yourself.

The first player to earn enough Glory will be hailed as the Champion of the Empress.

OK. I admit it. I rolled my eyes when I read the press release and, in my mind, I wrote the game off. Wasn't for me.

However, while I was at Origins I was speaking to uber-reviewer and game industry guru Tom Vasel of The Dice Tower. I asked Tom what game stood out for him at Origins and without a moment of hesitation he said, "Quarriors! I love it!"

Really? Quarriors?

Then this past week I was listening to the latest episode of the Game On with Cody and John podcast (episode 67). At one point the guys were talking about games they were looking forward to picking up at Gen Con in August and both said, "Quarriors".

Really? Quarriors?

So, I got to thinking. Was it just my own bias towards having minis in my game that was turning me off from even the basic concept of Quarriors? Quite probably.

While I'm not sold yet, I will check this game out at Gen Con next month. I'll get in a demo or two and see how it plays, and be better informed before I pass judgement. It's all part of being, as Cody and John would say, a well-rounded gamer.

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