Friday, September 30, 2011

DC Fans! Wizkids Wants Your Input!

Wizkids is looking to the fans to see which character should be included in the next DC-themed Heroclix set due out in Summer 2012!

The first round of voting, which includes 12 characters, is open now and closes on October 5. Round One will narrow the field down to 6 characters. Round Two will narrow the choices down to 3 characters. Finally, the last round of voting will choose the character to appear in the next set.

The initial choices are: Big Barda, Amazo, Captain Atom, Fire, Kanjar Ro, Starfire, Red Star, Gentleman Ghost, Kyle Raynor (Blue Lantern), Red Tornado, Sand and Thorn. Who will make the cut? The choice is up to you! (Personally, I voted for Captain Atom).

Outside of the contest, we now know the next DC Comics Heroclix set is quite a ways off. Summer 2012? That's a long time! I'm willing to bet that the next set will be showcasing the new look sported by most DC characters as a result of the relaunch of the entire DC Comics line this month. I know the relaunch caught many DC-licensees, such as Mattel, a bit by surprise causing the shuffling of product release plans. I don't know for a fact that this is the case with Wizkids, but it seems to be a reasonable assumption.

In the meantime there's lots of other Heroclix to enjoy! And, don't forget to vote! To cast your vote go to:, select your favorite character and hit the submit button. Simple as that.

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