Saturday, August 27, 2011

Seas of War

The rumors are swirling.

There's been rumors and hush-hush whispers for awhile now of a new boxed set release from Games Workshop along the lines of their Space Hulk limited edition a year or two back. Over time the rumors began getting a bit more specific and centering around a Warhammer Fantasy-based naval combat game.

Just recently an image surfaced from a German-edition of White Dwarf magazine (the house organ of GW) of an ad for an upcoming release. No details. Just a full-page image of an undead pirate, Count Noctilus with brief text saying "For more information contact Captain Jaego Roth of the Heldenhammer". Yeah. Not much to go on.

But, then, there's the "inside sources" leaking information. So far what has been leaked is:

  • boxed set with "lots of ships"
  • one time release, no supplements nor follow-ups
  • four fleets in the box (High Elves, Orks, Empire, Vampires)
  • Warmaster scale (10mm)
  • the name is, apparently, "Dread Fleet"

Well, dang, if these rumors pan out I'm sold. I've wanted to add a naval battle game to my gaming repertoire, and I've been casually looking at Uncharted Seas from Spartan Games, but as impressive as the Uncharted Seas models are (and only getting more so, especially with their new digital sculptures) my heart, I was wishing the game was set in the Warhammer universe in which I already play.

So, I am very enthusiastically watching how this plays out. Right now it sounds fantastic!

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