Monday, April 30, 2012

Release the Hordes!

I've been looking forward to the month of May for quite awhile now for several reasons. The Avengers comes out this weekend. The Origins Game Fair is later this month. But, another reason that I've been excited for May is the scheduled release of the Trollblood Warpack starter box featuring plastic models instead of metal. And, that means I will finally be playing me some Hordes!

Hordes, of course, comes from the creative minds at Privateer Press. Privateer Press also produces the mega-popular Warmachine miniatures game. I've been circling Warmachine since around 2005 or so. I loved the look of the steampunk-y fantasy world that Privateer had created. That's huge for me. The world of the game is really, at the end of the day, more important to me than the actual mechanics of the game. The world of the Iron Kingdoms that Privateer first introduced to the gaming world through some D20 RPG supplements was unlike anything games had seen up to that point.

But, for some reason, I just couldn't get into Warmachine. The game didn't seem to have much traction in the area, and I found myself less and less interested in assembling metal models. I especially didn't want to work on models that you had to pin in order to keep them together. So, I moved on to other games.

Privateer Press soon introduced us to Hordes, a complimentary game based more in the wilds of the Warmachine world. I still remember seeing the Next Big Thing ads on the back of No Quarter magazine that was promised to be unveiled at Gen Con of that year.  Hordes was an amazing expansion to the world and introduced several new factions including the monstrous Trollkin and their ilk. But, I still didn't want metal. So, no Hordes for me.

Flashforward to the present. Privateer Press has, in the past couple years, started producing some of their kits in plastic, much to my pleasure. Now, I had been hoping that Privateer would produce a plastic starter box for the Retribution of which point I'd start playing Warmachine. But, apparently, for some reason, it appears Retribution isn't fated to get such a starter. But, then I saw that plastic starters were starting to come out for Hordes as well, and the Trollkin started calling to me.

According to the War Store, the plastic warpack for the Trollbloods is due out on May 9th. That is just around the corner! I've got my fingers crossed that date is accurate.

So, if everything aligns just right, this is the month that I will finally be delving into the world of Hordes! And, I cannot freakin' wait!

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