Thursday, April 26, 2012

This and That...

Well, it has certainly been awhile since my last posting to The Rural Gamer. I'm still rural. And, I'm still gaming ('though not nearly enough as I'd like). But, life has it's ways of redirecting your priorities and that's what's been going on here.

Just to catch you all up to speed, I'm neck deep in a job search. Some of you may know that I used to be a pastor, and am looking to do so again. That's where the majority of my time has been dedicated lately. The search began in earnest this past January, which - amazingly enough - is when I last posted here. Funny how that works out. The search goes on, but I'm making a concerted effort to keep blogging about all things gaming...from a more rural perspective.

I've gotten several games lately that I've yet to get to the game table: Mage Knight from Wizkids, War of the Ring 2ed from Ares Games as well as the new Wings of Glory WW2 Starter from Ares Games. I hope to get those to the table soon. I'm dying to play War of the Ring especially, and so glad to finally have that in my collection.

I have played a little Lord of the Rings: The Card Game from Fantasy Flight Games, Summoner Wars from Plaid Hat Games and got to play Wizards of the Coast's Castle Ravenloft boardgame just this past week. Those were all good times!

I'm finally going to be getting into Hordes with the impending release of the plastic Trollbloods Warpack starter box in early May. I've had the books for ever, but have just been waiting for the plastics. Yeah, I'm one of those weird gamers who prefers plastic to metal. Maybe it's from my toy collecting background, I don't know. But, yeah, plastic is where it's at for me when it comes to games, with resin being a close second and metal a distant third (or necessary evil).

Convention Season is rapidly approaching. For me that means Origins Game Fair in Columbus, Ohio and Gen Con in Indianapolis, Indiana. I expect to be at both shows covering them for The Rural Gamer and Action Figure Insider (the other place I hang my writer's cap online). I'm very much looking forward to both shows.

And, lastly, this coming Saturday sees the Grand Opening of Columbus, Ohio's very own Games Workshop store. The store opens Saturday, April 28th at noon and is located at 8653 Sancus Blvd (which is between Polaris and Lazelle). Come on out for the opening festivities if you are a local GW player or just want to check it out!

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