Saturday, May 14, 2011

When Life Gets in the Way of Gaming

One of the slogans of Myriad Games of New Hampshire is, "So many games, so little time. So, start playing!"

It's a great slogan. And true. I get over-whelmed when I look at a) the games I already own that I don't get to the table enough and b) the games I don't own that I want to play.

There's just not enough time in the day to play them all.

I'm currently unemployed. I have been since closing down Alley Cat Games in the fall of 2008. So, we're going on almost three years here now. So, you'd think I had a lot of spare time on my hands. Yet, I think I've been busier than I've ever been. So, even without a job eating up 8+ hours of my day, I still am challenged to get in significant gaming time.

As mentioned previous, we live on a small 5 acre "farm" outside Delaware, Ohio. Right now we have 17 egg-laying hens, 30 meat chickens, 6 turkeys, 2 goats and we were supposed to have 4 pigs delivered today, but turns out we have to wait 'til next Saturday. Plus, we have two dogs. Taking care of all those animals is a lot of work, and can be very time consuming - especially during inclement weather which we've had quite a bit of.

I've started going back to school, taking classes online. It's good, but understandably time consuming.

I have my wife and my 6 yr old daughter, who each need my time as well (and I need theirs). My mom, who just turned 80 last month, lives in an apartment attached to our house. She doesn't drive, so she counts on me or my wife to take her out to the grocery store or wherever she may need to go.

Plus, we're involved at our church, spend time with friends, go to movies (lots of movies! we love movies!)...

...and, all in all, it doesn't leave a lot of time for playing games. Sure, my wife and I play the occasional game of Battlelore (it might be more frequent if she didn't beat me so badly each time we play), and I'm hoping to get my daughter into a few card games.

Right now, I go out to The Guardtower once a month to meet up with my friend, Dan, to play whatever. But, even then...with at least a 45 minute drive each way, there's an hour and half just spent driving. I'd love to find more events happening locally at Hobby Central here in Delaware, but so far they haven't meshed with my availability.

When I listen to podcasts such as The D6 Generation or Game On with Cody and John and hear them talk about the games they've all played in between episodes my heart breaks just a little. I wish I had that. But, now, just isn't the time.

I'm not complaining. I wouldn't trade all those things that consume my time for more gaming time. I love gaming, but it's fairly low as far as priorities go. Plus, I get to go to Origins and Gen Con each year which is a blast. And, it's great to combine other activities with games. Often when we have friends over we'll break out a game. While I might be wishing it was Rune Wars or Tannhauser, I'm perfectly happy to get in a game of Fluxx (especially Pirate Fluxx!) or Munchkin.

I'm looking at starting up a boardgame night at our church sometime soon. So, if you're local, keep your eyes peeled for that. We'll likely start quarterly and, if successful, increase the frequency.

So, yeah, sometimes life gets in the way of gaming. But, that's ok. I'll take my gaming when I can get it, and appreciate those times all the more.

If you've made it this far, thanks. I realize this might not be the most exciting blog entry you've ever read (and, if it is...oy...I feel sorry for you! You need to read more!), but this is just something that's been on my mind and wanted to get it out there. So, again, thanks!

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