Saturday, May 7, 2011

WHFB: The Lure of the Tomb Kings

Games Workshop just released the Tomb Kings army book, along with the first wave of new plastic kits and the limited-edition Tomb Kings Battle Magic cards. The Tomb Kings are a force of re-animated skeletons with a decidedly Egyptian-like ascetic to them.

Like the recently released Orcs & Goblins Army Book, the new Tomb Kings book is a beautifully done full-color hardcover. It's a really sharp looking book.

Now, if you've been reading The Rural Gamer for awhile, you know that I'm a recent convert to playing Warhammer Fantasy Battles. I'm in the process of putting together a High Elves army little by little as my limited funds permit. The last thing I need is another army. But, dang if these Tomb Kings aren't calling to me. I never really gave them a second thought before, but as images and information started coming about the new releases I found myself getting more and more intrigued by these boney guys and beasts.

So, is there a Tomb Kings army in my future? Well, certainly, not in the immediate future. My High Elves need to be my Warhammer priority, but beyond that? I may well just walk like an Egyptian.

The Tomb Kings Army Book, first wave of new miniatures releases and the limited-edition Battle Magic cards are in stores now.

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