Wednesday, June 15, 2011

My Wizkids Dreamlist

Lately it seems that Wizkids is announcing a new Heroclix license every time you turn around. We've got Halo (mostly the same minis from Halo ActionClix from 2007 with new Heroclix compatible stats), Street Fighter (which I'm super excited about), Gears of War, Lord of the Rings (also very excited) and who knows what could be next.

In the spirit of the grand speculation that is endemic to these interwebs, I thought I would put forth the properties that I would most like to see made as Heroclix-compatible minis.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - The beloved 80s property is poised for a big comeback in 2012. IDW has obtained the license to produce new TMNT comic books as well as reprinting the existing library of classic material from Mirage Publishing, there's a brand-new animated series set to debut on Nicktoons next year and, of course, a new action figure line from Playmates Toys. Now is the time for TMNT Heroclix! They're a natural!

Masters of the Universe - unless your a pretty die-hard action figure collector you might not be aware that there's a new Masters of the Universe toyline out there right now. It's called Masters of the Universe Classics and it's only available online at They release a new 6" highly-articulated action figure each month (which usually sell out in a few hours). The new figures are based on the original 1980s toys but with modern sculpting and articulation. They're really fantastic. The Masters of the Universe property is full of colorful heroes and villains that would make for a rockin' Heroclix set. Plus, 2012 is the properties 30th Anniversary.

Pirates of the Caribbean - I think I've mentioned my hopes for this before. I doubt it'd ever happen, but I'd sure love it if it did (of course, I never imagined there'd be Street Fighter Heroclix so I suppose anything is possible). There's a ton of characters and factions (pirates, Royal Navy, Davy Jones and the Crew of the Flying Dutchman, Blackbeard and his zombie crew from On Stranger Tides and so much more). As I big fan of the Pirates franchise I'd so love to see this happen.

and lastly, Thundercats - like TMNT the Thundercats are on the brink of a big comeback. There's a new animated series (which looks awesome) about to launch on Cartoon Network later this summer and a new toyline coming from the good folk at Bandai. Thundercats Heroclix would be the freakin' cat's meow!

With all these properties I think Wizkids could test the waters with their new Fast Forces concept, and if the response is there go with a second Fast Forces set or a full booster series.

Heroclix is such a great open ended game that there's just so many properties that could work with it.

Speaking of Wizkids, I can't wait to see them back at the Origins Game Fair next week in Columbus, OH!

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