Monday, June 20, 2011

Origins is Just Around the Corner!

Convention season is in full swing!

Gamers from all over the country (and some from beyond!) will be descending upon downtown Columbus, Ohio later this week for the Origins Game Fair. This annual gamer mecca is held in the Greater Columbus Convention Center and is the second largest (only to Gen Con) gaming convention in the USA.

I've been attending Origins for the past ten years or so now since moving to Ohio. It's great having a major convention practically in your backyard. Makes for a much more affordable event.

A few things that I'm especially looking forward to this year: Plaid Hat Games will be releasing the Summoner Wars Master Set (which is looking awesome!), Catalyst Game Labs will be showing off thier upcoming miniatures board game Leviathans (which, at the risk of repeating myself, is looking awesome!) and Wizkids is making a return to Origins (which is, say it with me, awesome!). But all that is just the tip of the iceberg.

The Rural Gamer will be covering the show so be sure to check back during the convention for news, commentary and some special interviews, too. It's gonna be a blast! So, stay tuned!

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