Sunday, June 26, 2011

Origins 2011: Day Four Report

Origins 2011 is now a memory, but there's still a lot of images and coverage to come here at The Rural Gamer.

Boardgames are big at Origins, and this year was no exception. The Board Room was bigger than ever this year and boardgamers were enjoying playing a wonderfully diverse selection of boardgames. Many of the games came from the staggering library of CABS (the Columbus Area Boardgame Society). There was something for everyone.

I grabbed a few pics as I strode the Boardroom. Here's some folks playing Eagle Games Defenders of the Realm. This cooperative boardgame has been on my radar for awhile. Eagle Games has so far supported the game with pre-painted miniatures, a new Heroes expansion and a Dragons expansion. It's been pretty well reviewed. I hope to check it out in the future.

Heroscape was alive and well at Origins as fans of the now defunct boardgame enjoyed many a game of this unique fantasy game. Heroscape is a blast to play. It's really too bad that WOTC pulled the plug on it.

Another unique game showing up at Origins was Chaostle from Chivalry Games. Chaostle comes with 3D castle components that make up the battlescape upon which the game takes place.

I was especially impressed by this massive gameboard for Power Grid. Seriously, this thing was huge. I don't know if this was something official supplied by publisher Rio Grande Games, or if it was the creation of some enterprising fan who had access to a large format printer and laminator. But, wow, this was something else.

These brave gamers were immersed in a game of FFG's Twilight Imperium, a game that possibly can last longer than the convention itself! Someday I need to play in a game of TI.

Something that I saw being played that almost brought me to tears was the s0-new-it's-not-in-stores-yet Battleship Galaxies from Hasbro. This game looks absolutely fantastic and I can't wait to get my hands on it! It just looks fantastic.

Next up, we'll take a venture into the Miniatures Hall and see what strategic miniatures games were being played.

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