Monday, June 27, 2011

Origins 2011: The Miniatures Hall

The Miniatures Hall at the 2011 Origins Game Fair was hopping with activity this year. I seem to recall the Hall being fairly vacant last year. This year looked much more full in general.

The quarter of a century old Battletech game of mechanized combat was well represented. Catalyst Game Labs is doing such a fantastic job with Battletech. I think their products are the strongest the line has seen since the original FASA days.

Speaking of giant mechs waging war, Heavy Gear games were also going on in the miniatures room. While manufacturer Dream Pod 9 was not present at Origins, the fans were carrying the banner for the game. This is a game that has picqued my curiosity every year at Gen Con. They just released new 2 player starter boxes. This might be the year I cave in and pick it up.

Wizkids had a presence at Origins this year. Unfortunately, they didn't have a booth (I was disappointed by this) but Heroclix was going strong. I love this game, and really need to play more often. It was great to see to see so many players enjoying the game at the con.

A game that has become a staple of the miniatures room over the past few years is Sailpower. Sailpower is produced by a small company, Sea Dog Game Studios based in Columbus, Ohio. They've been making 15mm resin ships as well as a ruleset and commanding the high seas on huge tables at the convention for awhile now and always draw a big crowd. They recently introduced a second game, TechCommander featuring giant mechs fighting for the domination of your tabletop.

Of course, the grandaddy of all minaiture wargames was also being played at Origins: Warhammer! Both Fantasy and 40K games were going on towards the back of the hall. Most of the games, if not all, were organized by, which is a group dedicated to running Warhammer and 40K games at Origins. Check out their site for more pictures from the games going on there.

That's it for today, folks. Come back tomorrow for an interview with Steve Cole of Amarillo Design Bureau, makers of Star Fleet Battles, Federation Commander and more!

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