Thursday, June 23, 2011

Origins 2011: Day Two Report

My feet are killing me.

Today was my primary day to cruise the dealers hall, and cruise it I did!

There was considerably more people gathered about this morning than yesterday, and many of them were crowded outside the entrance to the dealers room waiting for the doors to open to Gamer Nirvana.

My first mission was to go straight to the Plaid Hat Games booth and get a copy of the Summoner Wars Master Set. The Master Set comes with six (six!) all new faction decks, a deluxe game board (good buy folded paper board!), an updated rulebook and wound marker tokens. It's fantastic! My desire for the game over-rode the logical part of the game. The Master Set comes in quite the large box which I then had to carry around with me until I wisened up and made a trip back to the parking garage to put it in my car. Anyway, Colby Dauch and the good folk at Plaid Hat were also giving away Mercenary promo cards and custom Summoner Wars dice to customers. Very cool bonus!

Here's Plaid Hat owner (and wearer of said plaid hat), Colby Dauch demoing Summoner Wars to potential new players.

Next I decided to start at one end of the hall and just work my way up and down the aisles without stopping. I just wanted to take it all in. Well, it was a good plan and all until I got stopped in my tracks by Randall Bills of Catalyst Game Labs running demos of their new steampunk Leviathans game that is coming out later this year. This game, about gigantic flying airships in 1910, is several years in the making. I've seen it at Gen Con in various stages for, I think, the past two years now. I think the game looks fantastic.

The game will be released in a giant starter set (think FFG coffin box size) featuring ships from the British and French forces, along with boardgame quality maps, quick start rules, full rulebook, a novella establishing the world of Leviathans, custom polyhedral dice and more.

The ships seen here are not final product. The ship models will come fully assembled and lightly pre-painting (base coat and some minor detailing) and they'll be on stands to convey they are in flight.

Also on display were an amazing large scale model (for promotional purposes, not for sale) of one of the airships (a larger, 4 ft battleship model is expected to arrive tomorrow) and a nice small display of a battle above the white cliffs of Dover.

For more information about Leviathans go to:

I've got a lot more from today to put up, but it will have to wait until tomorrow! So be sure to come back and check out the latest and greatest from Origins 2011.

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